Find the best approach to maintenance planning and scheduling.

At the core of implementing improved maintenance processes is the maintenance planner and scheduler. Explore this expert advice on making the most of the maintenance planning role. For more articles, subscribe to our newsletter.

Planning and scheduling: getting the basics right

How do we ensure that planning and scheduling department processes are performed effectively? By understanding the function and boundaries of the two processes.

Shutdown planning: are you setting up to fail?

How many times have you heard maintenance staff blame the planners? Let's discuss how to avoid common shutdown planning issues, to help your teams cooperate.

Finding cost-effective solutions to supply management problems

Using past experience as a case study, let's take a look at how supply, warehousing and stock control can be improved from a shop-floor perspective.

The value of work management systems

Due to my background in maintenance execution, I have had to deal with the pointy end of maintenance for more years than I care to mention. I have done...

What does a maintenance supervisor do?

Every company has a different idea of what a mechanical supervisor is responsible for, but there is still a core focus that should apply to anyone in the role.

5 quick tips for an effective CMMS

Your computerised maintenance management system may be the right fit for your organisation, but it can only be as good as your end users and their training.

Getting the most value from your CMMS

There is no perfect off-the-shelf CMMS. Let's discuss how you can tailor your business processes to match your information system workflow, and vice versa.

7 tips to become a strong reliability leader: Moving...

It doesn’t matter where in the organisation structure you are, you have the capability to influence others - and this is at the core of leadership.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in action: apron feeders

Let's use the example of apron feeder maintenance to illustrate how you might develop a better maintenance strategy for your key assets.

Best Practice Maintenance Assessment for a Large Port Operator

Based on our best practice maintenance assessment, we assessed the maturity of the client’s maintenance management systems and practices.

How to prioritise maintenance work orders

Almost every Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) contains a field where you can set the work order priority, but few define how it is to be used.

Availability vs reliability: which is more important?

There is often confusion among those new to maintenance management and reliability improvement regarding the difference between availability and reliability.

Planning pitfalls – industry lessons learned in maintenance planning...

Let's explore the planning process and five of the common improvement opportunities we commonly observe, from supply relations to stakeholders.

Scheduling pitfalls – industry lessons learned in maintenance planning...

Understanding common pitfalls can make your job as a scheduler more productive, and help your organisation to reduce costs and be more effective.

“The big picture” – industry lessons learned in maintenance...

Let's explore some of the “big picture” systemic challenges associated with the overall maintenance planning and scheduling process.

4 tips for maintenance productivity improvement

In this short video we give 4 practical tips that can help you to improve the productivity of your maintenance function.

Introduction to the PF interval

This video introduces the PF Interval: one of the core principles that underpins reliability centred maintenance and preventive maintenance program development.

Maintenance planning and scheduling: an overview

This video provides an introduction to best practice frameworks for planning, scheduling and delivering safe, efficient and effective maintenance.

How to continuously improve your planning and scheduling

Regardless of how good your maintenance planning and scheduling is, if you want to make it more efficient and effective, you will need to continuously improve.

How to write a good work instruction

Have you ever thought about what makes a good work instruction, or how good work instructions improve work effectiveness?

Coaching: the secret to maintenance planning and scheduling implementation

Organisations spend thousands of dollars a year on maintenance planning and scheduling training, but does training ensure good application?

Maintenance budgeting: overcoming real world challenges

Ever had trouble justifying your maintenance budget to your accountants? Is it difficult to explain why it's better not to know when maintenance will occur?

10 tips for better maintenance

Maintenance sits at the heart of any good asset management system. Here are 10 tips to start improving your work management and deliver results.

Is the PF Interval relevant in the world of...

With real-time asset health monitoring equipment, and the advent of predictive analytics and big data, is the PF Interval really relevant anymore?

Challenges of configuration management in the age of automation

Automation is being adopted by many organisations that may be new to the concept of configuration management. How should they address this challenge?

5 tips for more effective maintenance planning and scheduling

The objective of good maintenance planning and scheduling is to allow maintenance personnel to perform required tasks in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

5 questions to ask before you adjust the frequency...

It can often appear that there is significant money to be saved by increasing the interval between shutdowns. Here are 5 key questions you should ask first.

Big data, predictive analytics and maintenance

How are big data, the internet of things, predictive technologies and predictive analytics impacting on preventive and predictive maintenance activities?

Maintenance and Operating Cost Estimation for a Major Iron...

To support a pre-feasibility study, we assisted in estimating the maintenance and operating cost for processing facility and power generation plant operation.

What does good maintenance planning and scheduling look like?

Anybody and everybody can have a work management framework within their organisation, but what needs to be considered to make this framework good?

Maintenance plan development: template at your peril

Let's review the issues associated with template maintenance plans, to ensure that you achieve lower cost, higher reliability, and higher availability.

What is lean maintenance?

Lean maintenance is an approach to help identify and eliminate waste, and deliver bottom line improvements if implemented and managed in the right way.

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