Minimise your shutdown durations, costs and risks.

For organisations in asset-intensive industries, shutdowns, turnarounds and overhauls (STO) are critical activities. They:

  • Are expensive – in the oil and gas industry, the direct costs can run into many millions of dollars per day
  • Are risky – the complexity involved in trying to get as much work done in as little time as possible leads to safety, environmental and work quality risks that need to be fully understood and managed
  • Have a significant impact on production output and/or customer satisfaction – critical assets are out of service and therefore not able to function as required

Managing the risks and costs associated with shutdowns requires extensive planning, preparation and discipline. A structured process for planning and managing shutdowns must be in place and followed. And lessons learned from each shutdown must be incorporated into the planning and execution of future shutdowns.

How we can support you

We can assist you to minimise shutdown durations, costs and risks by:

  • Observing and reviewing your current shutdown planning and management processes and providing recommendations for improvements
  • Working with you to develop and implement best practice processes for managing shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.
  • Providing you with specialist shutdown planning expertise to complement your planning workforce during times of highest demand.

We can help you to implement shutdown best practices.

We would love to have the opportunity to understand the challenges that you are facing and help you to achieve your goals.

An obligation-free discussion with one of our consultants is a great place to start, and you may even receive some tips or advice that you can take back to your workplace and implement straight away.

Let’s optimise your shutdowns and turnarounds.

We can help you to review and implement your shutdown processes. To find out more about our capabilities with regards to shutdowns and turnarounds, feel free to view the case studies above, or contact us for an obligation-free discussion.

Our maintenance management training courses

Do you need to expand the shutdown and turnaround capabilities of your team? Our training courses are run throughout Australia and online, and offer a comprehensive, practical overview of maintenance best practices.

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