We provide specialist consulting and training in maintenance, reliability and asset management.

We have over 21 years’ experience in delivering results and making asset management easier for a wide range of clients. We listen carefully to your business needs and goals, and offer tailored, cost-effective solutions that help you deliver greater value to your organisation.

Our specialist consultants have helped more than 350 clients to improve their asset management, maintenance and reliability processes, leverage the possibilities of technology, and build the skills of their workforce.

We bring a holistic and objective perspective which challenges the status quo and creates momentum for change.

Servicing over 350 clients

Completing more than 1,100 projects

Upskilling over 5,000 trainees

We help our clients maximise the value they obtain from their physical assets.

We bring a comprehensive toolkit of proven, practical approaches which unlock value and generate real, sustainable improvement. Our holistic approach to asset management, maintenance and reliability improvement incorporates:

Maximised business value
As business analysts, we understand how to balance costs, benefits and risks to help organisations achieve their business objectives.

Strong technical capability
As engineers, we understand what can (and can’t) be done to maximise the capabilities of critical equipment and complex production processes.

Effective change management
As change agents, we proactively manage the people issues associated with change to ensure that improvements are achieved and sustained.

On each and every project, we engage deeply with our clients to fully understand their unique challenges and develop fit-for-purpose, tailored solutions that deliver tangible and sustainable value.

Our affiliations

Serving clients across Australia and the world.

With offices in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, we are ready to meet the needs of our clients both domestically and internationally. We have completed projects in a number of countries and regions, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.

No industry too small.

As asset management specialists, we have had the pleasure to work with clients across a wide range of industries. We believe that almost every industry can benefit from improved asset management, maintenance and reliability processes.

Our team is here to help.

Directors & Principal Consultants

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