Improve your equipment reliability and availability.

Equipment reliability and availability, particularly at the bottleneck, is a key driver of business value within the mining and mineral processing sector. Much of the work that we have done in the mining and mineral processing sector is aimed at achieving this goal.

Holistic asset management improvement.

Some of our mining clients are also interested in more holistic asset management improvement, and we have performed some asset management gap assessments within the mining and mineral processing sector. We also deliver extensive training in maintenance and reliability improvement to the mining and mineral processing sector – mostly through customised in-house training that has been developed specifically for their needs.

We have particularly strong experience within the mining and mineral processing sector, having performed work for almost all of the major blue-chip mining companies in Australia, and many outside Australia as well. In addition, we have conducted a large number of assignments for smaller mining and mineral processing organisations. 

Our clients

Some of our past and present clients within the mining and mineral processing sector include:

  • BHP
  • FMG
  • Glencore
  • Golding Contractors
  • Newcrest Mining
  • Newmont Mining
  • Rio Tinto
  • Yancoal

Mining and mineral processing case studies

Asset Management vs Managing Assets – which is more…

In this paper, we draw on Assetivity’s experience to illustrate this point from a real world example.

Asset and Maintenance Management Improvement Program for a Large…

We improved performance of mining and processing operations to support business objectives through an in-depth asset and maintenance management review.

Asset Integrity Assessment for Energy Resources of Australia

Following a catastrophic failure, ERA wished to reassure itself that this incident was a one-off event, and not symptomatic of deeper-rooted systemic issues.

Maintenance and Operating Cost Estimation for a Major Iron…

To support a pre-feasibility study, we assisted in estimating the maintenance and operating cost for processing facility and power generation plant operation.

Maintenance and Reliability Improvement Program for PanAust

To support its growth objectives, we assisted PanAust to establish a consistent approach to asset maintenance and reliability management.

Plant Shutdown Planning and Scheduling for Tiwest Joint Venture

We were able to understand the complex interconnectivity of the plant’s processes, enabling the identification of further improvement opportunities.

Mining and mineral processing articles

Coordinating activity between Maintenance and Supply – A Case…

This case study by Sandy Dunn will present the approach that was taken and the key lessons learned that will assist any organisation in a similar situation.

How to continuously improve your preventive maintenance program

It’s ideal to embed continuous improvement of your preventive maintenance program as part of day to day business. Let’s discuss how to make that happen.

Planning and scheduling: getting the basics right

How do we ensure that planning and scheduling department processes are performed effectively? By understanding the function and boundaries of the two processes.

Aligning Asset Management Strategy with your Organisational Strategy

The ISO 55001 standard is all about having robust aligned and integrated processes to manage your assets in a coordinated fashion.

Common traits of organisations that deliver effective maintenance

Organisations that get results from their maintenance strategies understand that no two operations are the same. OEM recommendations offer a fair starting point for how our assets should be…

How to estimate the economic value of improved maintenance…

Using a value driver tree to estimate Economic Value Added can help reliability and maintenance managers build a business case for improvement initiatives.

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