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A competent workforce is essential for sustained high level performance. Whether as part of a consulting engagement or through standalone training courses, transferring our knowledge to your people is part of our DNA.

Dave B.

Asset Manager

Ultrafast Fibre

Well structured and relevant course. Valuable insight into AM, provides a solid grounding of value of AM implementation into a company.
Course attended: Asset Management Master Class

Training schedule

Our training experience

We offer formal training courses in ISO 55000, asset management, maintenance and reliability. We deliver these courses both in-person and online, and are available in Australia and around the world.

Endorsed by the IAM.

Our asset management training courses are endorsed by the United Kingdom’s Institute of Asset Management (IAM) under their Endorsed Trainer Scheme. IAM-recognised certificates can be issued for these courses following successful completion of the required assessments.

Delivered with first-hand experience.

Our trainers are highly skilled communicators and have had personal practical experience in applying the concepts and principles, tools and techniques covered in the courses they deliver. Their personal experiences bring the courses to life and encourage participation and discussion.

All of our courses:

  • Are based on our extensive experience in maintenance, reliability and asset management
  • Are highly interactive
  • Are focused on providing practical tools and skills that can be applied in the workplace
  • Include a variety of case studies and practical examples that bring concepts to life
  • Can be delivered in-house
  • Can be customised or expanded to meet your unique training needs

Frequently asked questions

All of our courses offer a 10% early bird discount that expires roughly one month before the date of the course. For specific timings, please subscribe to our newsletter as these expiry dates can vary.

We do. For bookings of 2 or more people, you can receive a 10% discount per course. For bookings of 4 or more people, receive a 20% discount instead.

The group discount will be applied in your cart, and applies on top of any applicable early bird discounts, meaning you could potentially receive as much as 30% off if booking for 4 or more people on a course that offers an early bird discount.

Yes – we are happy to receive a booking without immediate payment, and provide you with an invoice or quote in order to raise a purchase order. Simply proceed to book as normal and select invoice or quote from the payment options, and we will send one through to you in the coming days. Payment must be received prior to the participant attending the course.

Yes, we have a range of training courses that are delivered live in a virtual classroom. Look for the “online training available” badge on the course listings.

To book an online course, simply follow the link to the course page and choose “online” as your location.

Currently, our face-to-face courses are only offered in Australia. Some of our training courses have scheduled online delivery, which are presented in English and can be accessed globally. Our online courses run on AEST/AEDT so be sure to check the course is run at a time that suits you before booking.

To discuss delivery of one of our training courses outside of Australia, please speak to one of our training facilitators.

All of our courses are presented by our expert consultants, who themselves have extensive first-hand experience in applying the concepts taught in these courses. We endeavour to present our courses in an interactive way, and provide a practical perspective with which you can begin to implement the course material to manage your specific challenges.

Active participation and discussion are encouraged on all of our training courses, and each course is presented with a variety of case studies and practical examples to give you a sound foundation of how these teachings apply in reality.

Absolutely, we have presented almost all of our courses in-house many times over. If you wish, we can even tailor the content of our courses to better relate to your specific challenges and goals.

To discuss in-house delivery, speak to one of our training facilitators.

We would be happy to discuss how we can tailor any of our training courses to better apply to your specific challenges and goals. All of our training facilitators have extensive first-hand experience in applying the course content to real-world projects across a wide range of industries.

To discuss how our training courses can more closely address your organisational needs, speak to one of our training facilitators.

If you are seeking to become a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA), or to achieve certification by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), our asset management courses are a great addition to your pathway.

Though not formally accredited as being CAMA training, our Asset Management Master Class is intended to provide all the information required to be able to successfully pass either the WPiAM’s CAMA exam, or the IAM’s Asset Management Certificate.

Please note that you would need to make your own arrangements to sit for the above exams separately to our training.