Make your equipment safer and more reliable.

Improving the reliability of critical assets – particularly bottleneck assets – is the key to unlocking hidden business value for most organisations in asset-intensive industries. Improving equipment reliability has a positive impact on equipment uptime and throughput leading to higher production. It contributes to greater customer satisfaction by facilitating greater certainty around operations plans. Higher equipment reliability also assists in reducing costs, by permitting operations and maintenance tasks to be performed in a more efficient, planned manner. Numerous studies have shown that there is strong correlation between equipment reliability and safety performance. A more reliable plant is a safer plant.

While reliability improvement efforts often focus on the technical and engineering aspects of equipment reliability, it is important to realise that inappropriate work practices and business processes also can contribute to poor equipment reliability. If you really want to improve reliability, a holistic approach is needed – one that is business-focused and embraces both the human and technical factors that contribute to exceptional reliability performance. We can provide this holistic approach for you.

Reliability improvement articles

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