Ensure maximum value for your assets.

Water utilities are typically subject to pricing regulation and have to meet the expectations of their regulator in this area. All asset-related expenditure has to be justified, and penalties typically apply if customer service obligations aren’t met. Water utilities are also facing longer-term challenges relating to climate change, which impacts on their water supply, and community and government desire to reduce water usage, which in turn reduces revenues.

The reliability and availability of critical equipment is vitally important within the water utilities sector in order to ensure that customer supply and water quality obligations are met. The sector also faces unique challenges in that almost all pipework is buried underground which makes assessing its condition more difficult, and this in turn impacts on the accuracy of forecasts for maintenance and replacement of those assets. And sewerage treatment plants have their own unique environmental risks.

Asset management, maintenance and reliability are all vitally important to the water utilities sector, and the work that we have done for clients in this sector includes all of these subjects.

We have also delivered training in asset management, maintenance and reliability improvement to the water utilities sector.

Our clients

Some of our past and present clients within the water utilities sector include:

  • Aroona Alliance
  • Gladstone Area Water Board
  • Goulburn Valley Water
  • Greater Western Water
  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • South Gippsland Water
  • Sunwater
  • Sydney Water
  • Unity Water
  • Water NSW
  • Water Corporation

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