Maximise your maintenance efficiency.

Maintenance is a critical activity for organisations in asset-intensive industries. Doing the right maintenance, in the right way, at the right time not only improves maintenance labour productivity and reduces maintenance costs, it also has a positive impact on equipment uptime, reliability and throughput, leading to higher production and/or greater customer satisfaction.

Good maintenance is a key driver of business value – and we can help you to unlock that value. For more information on some of the services we provide, browse the links below.

Maintenance management case studies

Best Practice Maintenance Assessment for a Large Port Operator

Based on our best practice maintenance assessment, we assessed the maturity of the client’s maintenance management systems and practices.

Asset and Maintenance Management Improvement Program for a Large…

We improved performance of mining and processing operations to support business objectives through an in-depth asset and maintenance management review.

Operational Readiness Support for Santos

As part of the operational readiness process, Santos identified the need to develop maintenance and integrity management plans to assure the reliability of new facilities.

Conductor Strategy Review for Western Power

We assisted in the development and facilitation of improving Western Power’s understanding of conductor condition and the factors that influenced it.

Maintenance and Operating Cost Estimation for a Major Iron…

To support a pre-feasibility study, we assisted in estimating the maintenance and operating cost for processing facility and power generation plant operation.

Maintenance and Reliability Improvement Program for PanAust

To support its growth objectives, we assisted PanAust to establish a consistent approach to asset maintenance and reliability management.

Maintenance management articles

Common traits of organisations that deliver effective maintenance

Organisations that get results from their maintenance strategies understand that no two operations are the same. OEM recommendations offer a fair starting point for how our assets should be…

What is the 5 whys technique?

The 5 Whys technique offers a simple, effective way to uncover the root of an issue. It is best used in troubleshooting and quality-improvement initiatives.

What does a maintenance supervisor do?

Every company has a different idea of what a mechanical supervisor is responsible for, but there is still a core focus that should apply to anyone in the role.

5 quick tips for an effective CMMS

Your computerised maintenance management system may be the right fit for your organisation, but it can only be as good as your end users and their training.

Getting the most value from your CMMS

There is no perfect off-the-shelf CMMS. Let’s discuss how you can tailor your business processes to match your information system workflow, and vice versa.

Are your KPIs supporting your processes, or just measuring…

Usually KPIs focus on the outcomes of our processes, but if we aim to manage processes for more predictive outcomes, we need to develop KPIs that support them.

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