Holistic solutions for electricity generators and distributors.

The asset-related needs of electrical utilities depend on whether they are electricity generators or are focused on electricity transmission and distribution. Electricity transmission and distribution companies are typically subject to pricing regulation as well as safety regulation, and this can create some tension when pricing expectations and safety requirements conflict. Electricity generators are generally not subject to pricing regulation, but are exposed to a highly competitive marketplace which constrains pricing decisions. All organisations in the electrical utilities sector are facing longer-term strategic disruption to their traditional business models with increasing environmental pressures and the rapid transition to renewable energy, much of it generated via rooftop solar panels.

For the most part, equipment in the electrical utilities industry is long-lived and (in comparison with other industries such as mining and mineral processing) maintenance costs contribute a comparatively smaller amount to total lifecycle costs. While equipment reliability and availability is important within the electrical utilities sector, the challenges tend to be more strategic and holistic. Much of the work that we have done in the electrical utilities sector is focused on helping our clients to address these strategic issues.

We have also delivered training in asset management, maintenance and reliability improvement to the electrical utilities sector.

Our extensive experience in the electrical utilities sector includes work for a wide range of organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, including electricity generators as well as electricity transmission and distribution companies. 

Our clients

Some of our past and present clients within the electrical utilities sector include:

  • AGL Energy
  • Energy Queensland
  • Essential Energy
  • Newgen
  • Pioneer Energy
  • Pacific Hydro
  • Synergy
  • Territory Generation
  • TW Power Services
  • Vestas
  • Western Power

Electrical utilities case studies

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