Realise the full value of computerised maintenance systems.

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems are often purchased on a wave of high expectations regarding the benefits they will deliver. In many cases, the benefits promised provide ample financial justification for the substantial investment in those systems. Promised payback periods of three years are not uncommon. Yet many of these systems fail to provide the promised benefits. In some cases, several years after implementation, no significant benefits can be identified, despite the fact that the organisations involved have spent millions of dollars on the new system.

Our experience suggests that the most effective way of introducing sustainable long-term, large-scale improvements in maintenance performance is to pull all of the “levers of change” in a coordinated fashion. These include the technological aspects associated with CMMS/ERP selection and implementation, as well as the organisational, people, skills, cultural, and business process aspects associated with the implementation. In addition, it is important to proactively manage the change in order to ensure that those affected by the change are committed to the change.

How we can support you

We bring a healthy dose of reality, based on our extensive maintenance and reliability improvement project, that helps to counterbalance the overly optimistic expectations that are often generated by projects of this nature.

We are independent of any particular vendor, and have assisted with the implementation of many CMMS and ERP systems, including SAP, MIMS/Ellipse, JDE, Maximo, Pronto, and others.

Working with you, we can help you get the most out of your CMMS/ERP implementation project by:

  • Helping you to develop the business case for the CMMS/ERP project
  • Assisting you to develop the functional specification for the software that will most closely meet your needs.
  • Helping to preparing the request for tender/request for proposal documentation for your CMMS/ERP project
  • Assisting you to evaluate alternative proposals from software vendors and implementation partners
  • Developing a realistic implementation plan for the project, including consideration of change management aspects
  • Helping you to align your maintenance, reliability and spare parts management processes with good practice and the capabilities of your selected software.
  • Working with software vendors to ensure that the software is configured to match good practice business processes and will maximise the productivity and effectiveness of those using the system
  • Developing and delivering role-based training materials that are tailored to your implementation and cover not only how to perform transactions within the software, but how these transactions fit into your business processes, and what these processes are intended to achieve. This ensures that users not only know what to do, but why they are being asked to do it.
  • Providing on-the-job coaching and assistance to your people to ensure that effective use of the software is fully embedded and the full benefits realised.

We can help you to find the right system.

We would love to have the opportunity to understand the challenges that you are facing and help you to achieve your goals.

An obligation-free discussion with one of our consultants is a great place to start, and you may even receive some tips or advice that you can take back to your workplace and implement straight away.

Let’s make the most of your CMMS/ERP platform.

We can support and guide you through the selection and implementation of any CMMS/ERP system. To find out more about our capabilities with regards to CMMS/ERP implementation, feel free to view the case studies above, or contact us for an obligation-free discussion.

Our maintenance management training courses

Do you need to expand the CMMS/ERP capabilities of your team? Our training courses are run throughout Australia and online, and offer a comprehensive, practical overview of maintenance best practices.

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