An overview of the Asset Management Accountability Framework

The AMAF details mandatory asset management requirements and guidance for government organisations, and how to support service delivery objectives.

Big data, predictive analytics and reliability: moving beyond better...

In this article, we continue our exploration by considering how developments such as big data and predictive analytics are contributing to reliability improvement.

Support for WA DLGSC National Asset Management Assessment Framework

The NAMAF provides a methodology for assessing the maturity of a local government asset management and financial planning processes.

4 essential tools and techniques for improving equipment reliability

Let's discuss some of the key tools and techniques that can be used to contribute to sound equipment reliability, and where these may be applicable.

4 things supply can do to assure asset reliability

Being at the tail end of the operational chain, supply can often bear the brunt of poor decisions made by asset designers, or during operations and maintenance.

We welcome Chika to our summer vacation program

Over a 12 week period, Chika will receive valuable exposure to real, meaningful work and some great learning experiences.

Great feedback for Perth training: “Excellent presentation and knowledge.”

Participants scored the course highly, based on the instructor's presentation skill, their ability to engage with them, and knowledge of the subject matter.

Supporting Foodbank’s mission to reduce food waste and fight...

We had a thoroughly rewarding day volunteering in the Foodbank warehouse. Foodbank is a conduit between the food industry and the welfare sector, distributing food to the needy.

4 ways maintenance managers can impact on equipment reliability

Let's explore some ways in which maintainers and maintenance management can impact on equipment reliability, and some suggestions to improve reliability via better maintenance.

How operations management can impact equipment reliability

Let's explore the key ways in which operations management can impact on equipment reliability, and offer some practical suggestions to improve reliability.

5 tips for a better asset register

Your asset register is the foundation on which your asset management information systems are built. Here are 5 tips to make sure yours is rock solid.

Design your asset life cycles for reliability

Let's explore the communal accountabilities that should be considered in the design phase of an asset life cycle, and the roles that different parts of an organisation play to...

Reliability is everybody’s responsibility

We are fascinated by disasters, yet everyday in our workplaces, mini-disasters occur with monotonous regularity. Why should we accept that failure is the norm?

Continuously improve your preventive maintenance program

It's ideal to embed continuous improvement of your preventive maintenance program as part of day to day business. Let's discuss how to make that happen.

4 tips for maintenance productivity improvement

In this short video we give 4 practical tips that can help you to improve the productivity of your maintenance function.

Introduction to the PF interval

This video introduces the PF Interval: one of the core principles that underpins reliability centred maintenance and preventive maintenance program development.

5 tips for successful root cause analysis

Most organisations have some sort of investigation process, ranging from a basic incident report form through to a mature root cause analysis (RCA) process.

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) vs preventive maintenance optimisation (PMO)

Let's compare reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance optimisation (PMO), and determine which approach is best for you.

Perth team day out at the WA Archery Centre

The Perth Assetivity Team enjoyed a fun day out at the WA Archery Centre last Friday in Whiteman Park.

What is preventive maintenance optimisation (PMO)?

In preventive maintenance optimisation, the key objective is to review the current PM program, starting by assembling all of the tasks that it consists of.

What is reliability centered maintenance (RCM)?

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a powerful methodology which can drive significant improvements in equipment reliability and plant performance.

Maintenance planning and scheduling: an overview

This video provides an introduction to best practice frameworks for planning, scheduling and delivering safe, efficient and effective maintenance.

Asset Management Training for Hydro Tasmania

Following an ISO 55001 gap assessment, Hydro Tasmania wished to increase their competency of ISO 55000 and asset management among key stakeholders.

How to measure maintenance productivity

If you can't measure something, then you can't improve it. If that is the case, then how can we measure the productivity of our maintenance managers?

ISO 55000 frequently asked questions

In this 5 minute video, we answer four commonly asked questions regarding ISO 55000 - the international standard for asset management.

How to continuously improve your planning and scheduling

Regardless of how good your maintenance planning and scheduling is, if you want to make it more efficient and effective, you will need to continuously improve.

Linking asset management and quality: ISO 55000 & ISO...

Let's understand the synergies that exist between ISO 9000 and ISO 55001, and how they might reduce costs and increase the benefits of asset management systems.

How to write a good work instruction

Have you ever thought about what makes a good work instruction, or how good work instructions improve work effectiveness?

Coaching: the secret to maintenance planning and scheduling implementation

Organisations spend thousands of dollars a year on maintenance planning and scheduling training, but does training ensure good application?

Maintenance budgeting: overcoming real world challenges

Ever had trouble justifying your maintenance budget to your accountants? Is it difficult to explain why it's better not to know when maintenance will occur?

4 traits of an excellent maintenance team

We often hear companies say that people are their best asset. Why is it that the sum of good people and good systems does not always produce good performance?

10 tips for better maintenance

Maintenance sits at the heart of any good asset management system. Here are 10 tips to start improving your work management and deliver results.

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