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Challenges of configuration management in the age of automation

Automation is being adopted by many organisations that may be new to the concept of configuration management. How should they address this challenge?

5 tips for more effective maintenance planning and scheduling

The objective of good maintenance planning and scheduling is to allow maintenance personnel to perform required tasks in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Current uses of predictive analytics in asset management

Let's look at the current application of predictive analytics in asset management, and identify if there are any benefits to be gained when doing so.

5 questions to ask before you adjust the frequency...

It can often appear that there is significant money to be saved by increasing the interval between shutdowns. Here are 5 key questions you should ask first.

Operational Readiness Support for Santos

As part of the operational readiness process, Santos identified the need to develop maintenance and integrity management plans to assure the reliability of new facilities.

Maintenance KPIs: the good, the bad and the ugly

KPIs are often linked to personal performance. They are a measure of personal success and a key driver for incentives. But is a 'green' KPI always good?

How to sustain a positive culture while reducing maintenance...

How do you keep your maintenance team morale positive, focused and proactive? Here are 5 tips for maintenance leaders on how to improve performance.

Big data, predictive analytics and maintenance

How are big data, the internet of things, predictive technologies and predictive analytics impacting on preventive and predictive maintenance activities?

Maintenance and Operating Cost Estimation for a Major Iron...

To support a pre-feasibility study, we assisted in estimating the maintenance and operating cost for processing facility and power generation plant operation.

Conductor Strategy Review for Western Power

We assisted in the development and facilitation of improving Western Power’s understanding of conductor condition and the factors that influenced it.

What happens when you cut the maintenance budget?

Before you rush in and cut the maintenance budget, here are a few questions you should ask your maintenance manager (and the risks if you don’t).

Maintenance and Reliability Improvement Program for PanAust

To support its growth objectives, we assisted PanAust to establish a consistent approach to asset maintenance and reliability management.

Thinking holistically – 5 keys to lean maintenance and...

Let's think more broadly about factors that influence maintenance productivity, including the other departments that interact with maintenance.

Creating the environment for success – 5 keys to...

Changing organisational culture is difficult and takes considerable time. Let's discuss the methods of leadership and performance measures that can help.

8 elements for successful performance measurement

Let's discuss the essential elements for a successful performance measurement system, and how to motivate your organisation towards higher performance.

Continuous improvement – 5 keys to lean maintenance and...

If your maintenance function is already succeeding, there are three key areas in which continuous improvement can further improve maintenance productivity.

Doing the work right – 5 keys to lean...

Once we’ve determined the work that needs to be done, the work needs to be executed efficiently and effectively to get the best from our limited resources.

What does good maintenance planning and scheduling look like?

Anybody and everybody can have a work management framework within their organisation, but what needs to be considered to make this framework good?

Doing the right work – 5 keys to lean...

Even with mature preventive maintenance programs, there are opportunities to reduce maintenance time while simultaneously improving performance and reliability.

5 keys to lean maintenance and improved maintenance productivity

Many asset intensive companies do not understand that the principles of measuring productivity can be applied internally to their maintenance programs.

5 tips to get the most from your maintenance...

Most of the billions of dollars that asset-intensive industries pour into training each year is simply wasted. Here are 5 ways to avoid common failures.

What is lean maintenance?

Lean maintenance is an approach to help identify and eliminate waste, and deliver bottom line improvements if implemented and managed in the right way.

Why are you shutting down?

There are few activities that pose a bigger risk to your production than shutdowns. Before you take that risk, be sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Capital Work Management Training for Horizon Power

Horizon Power chose us to work with both Mincom and internal staff to develop and deliver Capital Work Management training to key personnel.

Plant Shutdown Planning and Scheduling for Tiwest Joint Venture

We were able to understand the complex interconnectivity of the plant's processes, enabling the identification of further improvement opportunities.

Making the most of your consultant’s time

These tips will help you to make the most of your consultant’s time, to achieve the desired assignment outcomes. After all, time is money.

Do you have effective maintenance planning?

Many organisations still struggle to make their maintenance planning and scheduling as effective as it should be. Here are a few tips that will help.

Choosing your team: build, buy or hire?

Is it better to develop the skills within your organisation, hire personnel who can fill these roles, or use an external consultant?

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