January 28, 2021, 5:49 am

Industry Lessons Learned in Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - Planning Pitfalls

This is the third of our three articles on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – are we learning the industry lessons? Out first article explored “The Big Picture’’ and examined challenges associate with the overall process, people and capability issues, master data and key performance indicators. Our second article delved into the challenges we observe with the scheduling process.

The other articles in this series are:  

In this final article in the series, we explore the planning process and five of the common improvement opportunities we observe within the planning process:

  1. Quality of the relationship with supply department
  2. Feedback on the quality of planned work
  3. Use of Corrective Task Lists/Standard Jobs
  4. Planner focussed on future work
  5. Stakeholder engagement

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