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5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 3 - Doing the Work Right

Written by Janez Marinic.   

In this article, we will tackle the second of the 5 keys to Lean Maintenance and Maintenance Productivity Improvement - doing the work right.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

This is the third in a series of articles on improving Maintenance Productivity through the use of Lean Maintenance techniques.


What Does Good Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Look Like?

Written by Janez Marinic.   

“Only good work leads to doing more good work” – Michael Bierut


A work management framework consists of, Identifying, Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Completing work.

Anybody and everybody can have this framework within their organisation, however, what are some of the things that need to be considered in each of these process areas to make this framework…good?       


5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 2 - Doing the Right Work

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

In the first in this series of articles, we discussed the benefits that leading organisations enjoy when they have high levels of maintenance productivity, and outlined five ways in which maintenance productivity may be improved.  These were:

  1. Doing the right work
  2. Doing the work right
  3. Focusing on continuous improvement
  4. Creating an environment for success
  5. Thinking holistically

In this article, we will tackle the first of these 5 keys to Lean Maintenance and Maintenance Productivity Improvement.


5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 1 - Introduction

Written by Jill Holmes.   

Many companies measure and understand productivity when applied to the creation of the product or delivery of the service they provide – it's the ratio between output and input. This is a measure of the efficiency with which we use scarce resources – we're asking "how much wasted time, energy and material goes into making product X or delivering service Y?"


What is Lean Maintenance?

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

During the past decade, the "Lean" phenomenon has enabled manufacturing industries to greatly increase their levels of profitability and productivity.  Combined with other initiatives such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean has encouraged these companies to focus on the efficiency of their production processes.


Why Shutdown

Written by Brad Coulding.   

There are few activities on the maintenance calendar that pose a bigger risk to your production than shutdowns. They consume resources, create downtime, and are often plagued by over-runs and restart issues. So before you take that risk again, have a look at our latest article – “Why Shutdown” – and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.


Tiwest Joint Venture Kwinana: Plant Shutdown Planning and Scheduling

Written by Holly Morrow.   

Tiwest Joint Venture operates a Pigment plant in Kwinana Western Australia. The plant utilises a number of complex interconnected processes to produce Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).

Due to the nature of Tiwest’s production process, a number of highly volatile and corrosive substances are both utilised and produced. This makes it imperative that safety be at the forefront of the preparation process. This necessitates adherence to strict processes during the planning and scheduling of all shutdown related work.

To this end, Tiwest had made some significant improvements to their shutdown planning, scheduling and execution processes over a number of previous shutdowns. In the lead up to this shutdown, Tiwest wanted to ensure these improvements were leveraged, and further improvement opportunities were identified.

To assist in achieving their goals, Tiwest sought to engage the services of Assetivity.


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