October 2, 2020, 3:53 am

Articles - Maintenance Management

How to Sustain a Positive Culture While Reducing Maintenance Cost

Written by Jakob Verhoef.   

5 Practical tips for the maintenance leader to get (keep) the team performing and positive while reducing cost


Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Maintenance

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

How are recent developments in areas such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, Predictive Technologies and Predictive Analytics impacting on traditional Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance activities?  Where are these trends taking us, and what should maintenance organisations be doing now to take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies enable? 

This article attempts to answer these questions.  First, let’s start by defining some key terms.


What Happens When You Cut the Maintenance Budget?

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

Times are tough.  Your company isn’t making as much profit as it used to. Perhaps it isn’t making a profit at all.  You need to cut costs, but where? 

What about maintenance?  Maintenance costs a lot of money, and in a slowing market, maybe you don’t need the equipment to be as reliable as we used to.  Maybe you can defer maintenance till another time, when your finances look better.  And in a budget that big, there is bound to be some fat that can be cut.

That may be true, but before you rush in and cut the maintenance budget, here are a few questions you should ask your Maintenance Manager (and the risks if you don’t).


5 Keys to Lean Maintenance & Improving Maintenance Productivity – Part 6 – Think Holistically

Written by Scott Yates.   

In the first in this series of articles, we discussed the benefits that leading organisations enjoy when they have high levels of maintenance productivity, and outlined methods for achieving this.  Since then, we’ve been working through the proposed methods and examining how each can be used to eliminate waste to deliver Lean Maintenance with improved productivity. In this article, we will tackle the final topic on this list, 'Think Holistically.'


5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 5 - Environment for Success

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

In the first in this series of articles, we mentioned that any improvement process is headed for failure without the buy-in and support of all those involved; it is imperative that the leadership and culture is focussed on being proactive rather than reactive, and is performance driven.  In addition, we stated that the development and implementation of a 'balanced scorecard' of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the support and communication from management are the keys to delivering improvement. In this article we will expand on these thoughts.


Using Performance Measures to Drive Maintenance and Asset Management Performance Improvement

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

analysing data

Many people and many organisations are struggling to develop Performance Measures that effectively drive performance improvement.  They are often wading under the ad-hoc morass of inherited, legacy Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and performance reports.  The bureaucracy involved in producing, analysing and reporting on these performance measures has taken over from effective, action-oriented Maintenance Improvement, and the purpose behind the production of the KPIs has been lost.


5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 4 - Continuous Improvement

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

If your Maintenance function is already doing the right work, and you are doing the work right, there are primarily three areas in which continuous improvement can further improve Maintenance Productivity. These are:

  • Eliminating the wastes which prevent Maintenance work from being performed efficiently,
  • Continuously improving the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance program, and
  • Eliminating the defects which cause the need for Maintenance work

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