Ensure operational reliability and sustainability.

Any project seeking to ramp up operations can benefit from laying solid groundwork during its feasibility and construction stages. These articles cover the essential best practices for assuring operational reliability. For more articles, subscribe to our newsletter.

4 tips for maintenance productivity improvement

In this short video we give 4 practical tips that can help you to improve the productivity of your maintenance function.

5 tips for a better asset register

Your asset register is the foundation on which your asset management information systems are built. Here are 5 tips to make sure yours is rock solid.

Overcoming the challenges of a reluctant maintenance culture

It can be necessary to change the management culture, in order to improve maintenance processes and save money and increase reliability in the long run.

Capital risk based budgeting for City West Water

We assisted City West Water to demonstrate the financial risk associated with asset condition and pending asset failure, giving them a clear 5-year plan.

5 quick tips for an effective CMMS

Your computerised maintenance management system may be the right fit for your organisation, but it can only be as good as your end users and their training.

Maintenance planning and scheduling: an overview

This video provides an introduction to best practice frameworks for planning, scheduling and delivering safe, efficient and effective maintenance.

How to measure maintenance productivity

If you can't measure something, then you can't improve it. If that is the case, then how can we measure the productivity of our maintenance managers?

How to continuously improve your planning and scheduling

Regardless of how good your maintenance planning and scheduling is, if you want to make it more efficient and effective, you will need to continuously improve.

How to write a good work instruction

Have you ever thought about what makes a good work instruction, or how good work instructions improve work effectiveness?

Maintenance budgeting: overcoming real world challenges

Ever had trouble justifying your maintenance budget to your accountants? Is it difficult to explain why it's better not to know when maintenance will occur?

ISO 55001 Gap Assessment for Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania’s aim was to assess its current level of compliance with ISO 55001, to be ready to align with the standard in the future.

Operational Readiness Support for Santos

As part of the operational readiness process, Santos identified the need to develop maintenance and integrity management plans to assure the reliability of new facilities.

How to manage the life cycle of your classified...

Let's discuss the key activities associated with the acquisition, operation, maintenance and disposal of classified plant and equipment.

Maintenance and Operating Cost Estimation for a Major Iron...

To support a pre-feasibility study, we assisted in estimating the maintenance and operating cost for processing facility and power generation plant operation.

How to perform an ISO 55000 readiness assessment

All organisations interested in best practice asset management should align with the requirements of ISO 55000, whether they seek formal certification or not.

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