6 tips to sell your asset management vision to...

Let's explore how we might go about selling the vision for asset management, and engage with senior leadership so that they can provide ongoing support.

Strategic asset management for City West Water

We assisted City West Water to develop their initial Strategic Asset Managment Plan, and align with the Asset Management Accountability Framework.

Capital risk based budgeting for City West Water

We assisted City West Water to demonstrate the financial risk associated with asset condition and pending asset failure, giving them a clear 5-year plan.

The complete guide to implementing ISO 55000

In this eBook we provide an overview of the ISO 55000 series of standards, and the value of implementing asset management systems, plans and strategies.

Asset management strategy template

This template assists individuals and organisations to develop a practical asset management strategy that will improve asset management performance.

Strategic asset management plan (SAMP) template

We have developed a Strategic Asset Management Plan Word template for you as a guide for establishing a SAMP that is aligned with ISO 55001.

What does a good asset management strategy look like?

In this article, we offer a detailed example of what a good asset management strategy may look like in the context of ISO 55000 and ISO 55001.

Asset management strategy vs. Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)...

Let’s explore an approach that will generate a Strategic Asset Management Plan that is useful and usable, using the ISO 55001 and ISO 55002 standards.

Meeting asset management stakeholder needs and expectations

ISO 55001 places great emphasis on making sure that an organisation’s asset management system meets the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. Let's discuss why this is important.

Conducting gap assessments and implementation: Asset Management Accountability Framework...

In February 2016, the Department of Treasury and Finance introduced the AMAF, which is aligned to ISO 55001 and catered towards the Victorian public sector.

An overview of the Asset Management Accountability Framework

The AMAF details mandatory asset management requirements and guidance for government organisations, and how to support service delivery objectives.

Asset management plans: less is more

Asset management is recognised as a critical contributor to value across a wide variety of industries. A shorter, simpler plan can often lead to ideal results.

Asset management plan template

There is no single “right way” to structure an asset management plan, but this AMP template will help you create one that will work for your organisation.

Asset management policy template

We have prepared an editable asset management policy Word template for your convenience, so you can create a policy that works for your organisation.

Asset management planning for electronic equipment

For electronic assets, we can do a few mechanical based tasks to prevent mechanical modes of failure that will cause the device to functionally fail.

What makes a good asset management plan? – Implementing...

In this article we discuss how to create a good asset management plan that will work for your organisation.

What makes a good Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)?...

Let's take a detailed look at what a good Strategic Asset Management Plan document may look like for your organisation.

How to write a good asset management policy –...

Let's discuss the types of things that an asset management policy should contain, how long it should be, and how to develop one for your organisation.

How to develop an asset management plan

Let's look at arguably the most important document in any asset management system - the plan that captures the actions to be taken on each asset.

5 steps to establish a successful condition monitoring program

A well-designed and implemented asset condition monitoring program will enable you to more accurately allocate capital based on reliable asset knowledge.

An introduction to condition monitoring

Here's an overview of the current state of condition monitoring, an overview of what a condition monitoring system looks like, and its main components.

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