How to estimate the economic value of improved maintenance...

Using a value driver tree to estimate Economic Value Added can help reliability and maintenance managers build a business case for improvement initiatives.

Overcoming the challenges of a reluctant maintenance culture

It can be necessary to change the management culture, in order to improve maintenance processes and save money and increase reliability in the long run.

6 tips to sell your asset management vision to...

Let's explore how we might go about selling the vision for asset management, and engage with senior leadership so that they can provide ongoing support.

What is the 5 whys technique?

The 5 Whys technique offers a simple, effective way to uncover the root of an issue. It is best used in troubleshooting and quality-improvement initiatives.

Strategic asset management for City West Water

We assisted City West Water to develop their initial Strategic Asset Managment Plan, and align with the Asset Management Accountability Framework.

5 quick tips for an effective CMMS

Your computerised maintenance management system may be the right fit for your organisation, but it can only be as good as your end users and their training.

ISO 55001 Certification for Pioneer Energy

After completion of a readiness and gap assessment of Pioneer Energy’s asset management system, we continued to support its journey to ISO 55001 certification.

AMPEAK 2019 – Key issues, trends and lessons from...

AMPEAK, the annual conference of the AM Council, is Australia’s peak conference for asset management. We have put together a list of the key takeaways from this year.

Support for WA DLGSC National Asset Management Assessment Framework

The NAMAF provides a methodology for assessing the maturity of a local government asset management and financial planning processes.

Asset Integrity Assessment for Energy Resources of Australia

Following a catastrophic failure, ERA wished to reassure itself that this incident was a one-off event, and not symptomatic of deeper-rooted systemic issues.

Asset management fundamentals

Asset management is based on 4 fundamentals that were agreed during the development of ISO 55000. This short video will help you understand these fundamentals.

4 quick tips for leading an ISO 55000 implementation

If you’ve made the commitment to implement an asset management system, then your organisation is going to need a leader who can execute it.

How does asset management deliver value?

Let's look at what asset management means in practice, and how asset management delivers value to an organisation.

What is asset management?

Asset management in its broadest sense is not even a specific discipline. It is a new and fundamentally different way of thinking about physical assets.

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