Equipment criticality analysis: is it a waste of time?

Most organisations identify "critical" assets extremely poorly, and the effort that they put into these assessments is mostly wasted. Let’s examine why.

Doing the work right – 5 keys to lean...

Once we’ve determined the work that needs to be done, the work needs to be executed efficiently and effectively to get the best from our limited resources.

What does good maintenance planning and scheduling look like?

Anybody and everybody can have a work management framework within their organisation, but what needs to be considered to make this framework good?

Why most RCM and PMO projects fail

The amount of effort required to implement a revised optimised maintenance program is often underestimated.

Doing the right work – 5 keys to lean...

Even with mature preventive maintenance programs, there are opportunities to reduce maintenance time while simultaneously improving performance and reliability.

Alternative approaches for developing and optimising preventive maintenance

Let's explore a range of alternative approaches for organisations and individuals to use when developing and optimising preventive maintenance programs.

4 key reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance...

Here are four core concepts which apply to the development of effective preventive maintenance programs, no matter what approach you use.

5 keys to lean maintenance and improved maintenance productivity

Many asset intensive companies do not understand that the principles of measuring productivity can be applied internally to their maintenance programs.

5 ways to avoid failure when training maintenance and...

Most of the billions of dollars that asset-intensive industries pour into training each year is simply wasted. Here are 5 ways to avoid common failures.

4 things you need to know about ISO 55000...

Want to certify your asset management systems as being compliant with ISO 55000? Here are 4 key things you need to know about the certification process.

Your guide to ISO 55000 certification

Let's discuss the process for certification of asset management systems against the ISO 55000 suite of standards.

How to perform an ISO 55000 readiness assessment

All organisations interested in best practice asset management should align with the requirements of ISO 55000, whether they seek formal certification or not.

How to develop an asset management plan

Let's look at arguably the most important document in any asset management system - the plan that captures the actions to be taken on each asset.

Maintenance plan development: template at your peril

Let's review the issues associated with template maintenance plans, to ensure that you achieve lower cost, higher reliability, and higher availability.

Creating competitive advantage in a cost-cutting environment

Following a boom, the main challenge that maintenance, operations and reliability leaders usually face is to survive the inevitable cost cutting that follows.

What is lean maintenance?

Lean maintenance is an approach to help identify and eliminate waste, and deliver bottom line improvements if implemented and managed in the right way.

Is maintenance risky business?

Maintenance is inherently risky. In fact, you could argue that the only activity that is riskier than doing maintenance is NOT doing maintenance.

How does asset management deliver value?

Let's look at what asset management means in practice, and how asset management delivers value to an organisation.

What is asset management?

Asset management in its broadest sense is not even a specific discipline. It is a new and fundamentally different way of thinking about physical assets.

Defect elimination: was the problem really solved?

Yes, the issue was a problem and, yes, the issue got 'cleaned up', which is the proper initial action. However, the true problem likely still remains.

5 steps to establish a successful condition monitoring program

A well-designed and implemented asset condition monitoring program will enable you to more accurately allocate capital based on reliable asset knowledge.

Why shutdown?

There are few activities that pose a bigger risk to your production than shutdowns. Before you take that risk, be sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

An introduction to condition monitoring

Here's an overview of the current state of condition monitoring, an overview of what a condition monitoring system looks like, and its main components.

Capital Work Management Training for Horizon Power

Horizon Power chose us to work with both Mincom and internal staff to develop and deliver Capital Work Management training to key personnel.

What makes a best practice supply chain audit?

A successful audit is one that accurately establishes the state of the subject and provides constructive recommendations for improvement.

Plant Shutdown Planning and Scheduling for Tiwest Joint Venture

We were able to understand the complex interconnectivity of the plant's processes, enabling the identification of further improvement opportunities.

Making the most of your consultant’s time

These tips will help you to make the most of your consultant’s time, to achieve the desired assignment outcomes. After all, time is money.

Do you have effective maintenance planning?

Many organisations still struggle to make their maintenance planning and scheduling as effective as it should be. Here are a few tips that will help.

Choosing your team: build, buy or hire?

Is it better to develop the skills within your organisation, hire personnel who can fill these roles, or use an external consultant?

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