August 17, 2019, 11:28 pm

Supply Management Articles

Materials Catalogue – How good is yours?

Written by Sudarshan (Sid) Mandloi .   

84ff3050 1fce 4b4c 8bed 5d75945c5766 largeTo do maintenance effectively, we need to make sure we have the right quantities of the right spare parts and materials in the right place at the right time.  To do this effectively, we need complete and accurate data about our equipment and their associated spare parts and materials. This information is generally stored in a Material Catalogue (or Material Master).


‘Best Practice’ Supply Chain Audits

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

The reliable supply of equipment, spare parts, consumables and services is a significant element in the efficient and effective operation and maintenance of a plant or physical asset. There is far more to achieving results in this area than simply signing purchase orders and there are many methods that can be employed to improve performance. The objective should always be to achieve sustainable improvement and one of the best ways to achieve this is to carry out an audit on your supply chain. Experience suggests that this type of intervention pulls one of the "levers of change" for maintenance performance and can lead to long term and large scale improvements.


Making The Most Of Your Consultant's Time

Written by Jan Marinic.   

So you’ve made the decision to engage Assetivity to undertake a particular assignment within your organisation. Your reasons for engaging an Assetivity consultant(s) to perform the assignment could be due a lack of internal personnel resources to undertake the required tasks, or your area lacks the required skillsets to perform the required tasks, or a combination of both. Whatever your reasons, you want to make sure that in engaging a consultant for the assignment, that the assignment will be completed in an agreed timeframe, with specified deliverables to a defined quality, and overall achieved within the funding that has been sourced and allocated to the assignment.


Skills for Your Position: Build vs. Buy vs. Hire

Written by Holly Morrow.   

Most Australian companies need the skills of Maintenance Team Leaders, Reliability Engineers, Project Managers and/or Maintenance Planners.  In our current candidate constrained environment - particularly in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Power Industries - the challenge is where to find them.

Is it better to:

  • develop the skills in an individual already in your organisation,
  • take on individuals who can in a few years time step up to these roles,
  • acquire already skilled and experienced individuals from outside, or
  • use an external consultant to fill your requirement?

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