July 15, 2020, 12:06 pm

Articles - Asset Management

Asset Management Competence – Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Sandy Dunn.   

Asset Management Competence Implementing ISO55000So far in this series we have tackled the key requirements for successfully implementing ISO 55000 relating to documentation and management processes.  Now we turn our attention to ISO 55001’s requirements in terms of Asset Management competence.


Key Asset Management Processes - Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Scott Yates.   

Our series has already explored the asset management planning and decision making process in some detail in Parts 45 and 6. This is obviously a key process for successful asset management, but it is equally obviously insufficient as the actions identified in the plan(s) will need to draw on other organisational processes.


Organising for Effective Asset Management: Leadership - Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Scott Yates.   

At this point in the series, we have answered many of the technical questions regarding asset management. This article moves on to some of the human issues – how to build an asset management organisation and how to lead it to success. Nothing happens without an appropriate workforce structure, so let’s start with the organisation chart.


Asset Management Planning for Electronic Equipment

Written by Janez Marinic.   

Increasingly in our lives both at home and in our workplace we are utilising the capabilities available of new Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology that manifests itself in electronic assets we own and use. Think about all the electronic assets that you own; a smartphone, iPad, laptop, flat screen TV etc. Take any one of these, say your smartphone, and ask yourself ‘what maintenance can I do to prevent the phone from failing and maximising its useful life’. The answer is not much really. When it fails…we accept that it fails.


Integrating & Aligning Asset Management Strategies & Plans - Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Scott Yates.   

Our series has already discussed the ISO 55001 requirements for the Strategic Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Plans and also provided practical advice and templates that could be used to create both compliant and usable versions. This article remedies the situation, providing useful advice on how to establish an integrated planning approach that will generate cohesive planning documents. The ISO standards are deliberately not very explicit on this topic, so we are basing this on what we’ve seen work (and fail) in practice.


What Does a Good Asset Management Plan Look Like? - Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Scott Yates.   

In this article we discuss how to create a good asset management plan that will work for your organisation.


Developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan - Implementing ISO 55000

Written by Scott Yates.   

This article discusses how we think a good Strategic Asset Management Plan should look like and to help you develop a SAMP for your organisation, download our FREE SAMP Template.