September 19, 2019, 10:25 pm

Reducing Variability in Operations Through Six Sigma

In continuous process operational environments, such as Mining, Mineral Processing, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Fertilisers and many Utilities, there are frequently enormous opportunities to:

  • increase throughput
  • reduce operating costs, and
  • improve product quality simply by reducing operational variability. 

This variability can either be initiated within the production process itself, or can be the result of variability "inherited" from upstream processes.  Similarly, this variability can be as a result of "normal" operations, such as would occur when operational setpoints are changed, or as a result of major "abnormal" events, such as equipment failure.

In any of these cases, we are able to apply a data-driven, systematic approach to reducing variability in industrial organisations using appropriate statistical tools to identify improvement opportunities, quantify the "size of the prize", and develop the optimal solution.  Using the full potential of six sigma as far more than just a generic problem solving tool, we can generate step change improvements in operational performance.

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