July 21, 2019, 10:50 pm

Maintenance Skills Assessment and Training Needs Analysis

In order to ensure that the skills enhancement and development process at your organisation fully meets your organisational needs, the following issues must be addressed.

    • Ensuring that assessment of skill requirements are based on the short-term and longer-term strategic needs of your business. There must be a clear link between the Training Plan and your Maintenance Improvement strategy.
    • Ensuring that personnel are given the opportunity to apply the skills that are identified in the training plan. This implies that the primary focus should be on what we want people to do, rather than what we want them to know.
    • Ensuring that the skills development process concentrates on the higher priority skill gaps first – those areas that will bring the greatest benefits to both individuals and the business.
    • Ensuring that the training plan considers all of the training options that are available – both internal and external to the organisation.
    • Ensuring that the skills development process is customised to suit individuals’ needs, interests and capabilities. The training plan should be an integral part of a broader, Personal Development Planning process.
  • Ensuring that the training plan is achievable – that people can be released to attend the planned training. Accordingly, this requires both an understanding of the capability of the organisation to release people from their normal duties, as well as consideration of other, competing initiatives that may consume people’s time.

Our approach to Maintenance Skills Assessment and Training Needs Analysis takes all of these factors into consideration. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to assist you to improve maintenance skills at your organisation.

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