September 19, 2019, 10:45 pm

Stores and Materials Management

One of the keys to effective Stores and Materials Management is improving the interaction of the supply function with end users in operations and maintenance. With a focus on organisation objectives and not departmental objectives it is imperative that all parties align their departmental processes and procedures to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. Traditionally there has been a great divide that has seen supply departments criticise end users for poor communication of requirements, and end users criticise supply departments for poor service. Added to this traditional state of play is the criticism of suppliers by supply departments that have under-performed. Nobody is a winner in this situation.

By assisting you to implement proactive Spare Parts Optimisation processes, we can improve supply performance across the organisation. The cornerstones to achieving this is through enabling effective communication, complete utilisation of the ERP system and removal of process bottlenecks to enable all parties to become as effective in their roles as possible.

Our approach also assists you to embed this new cooperative, and productive, regime within your corporate culture through the creation of joint KPI's and reward systems that reinforce collaborative processes and facilitate continuous improvement.

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