Operations Performance Measurement

Many people and many organisations are struggling to develop Performance Measures that effectively drive performance improvement. They are often wading under the ad-hoc morass of inherited, legacy Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and performance reports. The bureaucracy involved in producing, analysing and reporting on these performance measures has taken over from effective, action-oriented Operations Improvement, and the purpose behind the production of the KPIs has been lost.

Our approach to implementing Operations Performance Measurement embraces the following eight elements:

  • Create an Inspiring Vision - If you wish to create a high-performance organisation, then it is essential that all members of the organisation are focused on achieving the same goal and the simpler, more focused, and more inspirational the goal, then the greater the chance that it will be achieved.
  • Use a Small Number of Easily-Understood Performance Measures - When it comes to Performance Measures, less is definitely more!
  • A balanced set of measures is essential - We apply a Balanced Scorecard approach to ensure that appropriate behaviours are motivated
  • Performance Measures are most powerful in the hands of those who can influence the outcomes - This leads us to the realisation that the performance measures that should be reported will be different at different levels within the organisation
  • What you measure is less important than how you decide what to measure - Only if a high level of ownership of the selected measures is obtained will meaningful performance improvement take place.
  • A measure without a target is meaningless - Only when targets are in place, can everyone understand the gap between current and desired performance.
  • Be aware of the natural variability of any process - Understanding the natural variability of performance is important in allowing us to focus on the things that deserve our attention
  • Make sure you Close the loop - The final vital step in establishing an effective performance management system is to ensure that the control loop is effectively closed.

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