January 28, 2021, 7:42 am

Increase Production by Applying the Theory of Constraints

At a time when most organisations in the resources sector can sell all that they can produce, there are significant financial benefits in being able to increase production, with minimal additional capital expenditure.  Applying the concepts behind Theory of Constraints allows organisations to do precisely that.

Using a structured, data-driven approach, we can assist clients to:

  • Identify those assets or processes that are currently constraining production throughput
  • Exploit the constraint asset or process by ensuring that maximum organisational effort is focused on maximising the availability, reliability and throughput from the constraint asset or process
  • Subordinate all other assets or processes to the constraint, by making sure that these assets operate to the same heartbeat produced by the constraint asset or process
  • Elevate the constraint asset or process, if necessary, by initiating the necessary capital expenditure to further increase capacity from this asset or process
  • Monitor the situation, to determine if the constraint asset or process has moved.

Contact us today, to find out how we can assist you to maximise output from your plant, with minimal additional capital expenditure.

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