Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Improvement

Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, and Maintenance Work Management is critical if control is to be gained over maintenance activities. Yet implementing effective planning and scheduling processes is not an easy task, particularly if you are already operating in a reactive operational environment.

  • Working with you, we will help you to regain control of your people, and your equipment by:
  • Clearly defining Maintenance Work Management processes, and documenting these in easily understood clow chart formats
  • Working with your people to gain consensus and ownership regarding these processes
  • Providing training at all levels of your organisation to ensure that everyone understands, not only the detail of the work management processes, but why they need to be followed
  • Working with your Production and Operations managers and supervisors to ensure that they are equally committed to making the Maintenance Work Management processes work
  • Providing on-the-job coaching and mentoring for your planners, supervisors and tradespeople as the processes are implemented
  • Assisting you in refining and improving the processes, and overcoming objections to their implementation
  • Monitoring compliance, and measuring the benefits obtained from greater control over Maintenance work management

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