August 15, 2020, 11:08 pm

Horizon Power - Capital Work Management Training

Horizon Power recently engaged Mincom to implement an upgrade of their CMMS. This upgrade included the suite of applications which make up Capital Work Management. Mincom’s Capital Works Management package is a suite of related Ellipse applications which facilitate management of capital projects and includes Mincom’s new work scheduling application, Work Planner.

Horizon Power chose Assetivity to work with both Mincom and Horizon Power staff to develop the required training documentation, and deliver effective training to key HP personnel. The training material was developed using the online help application for the Capital Works Management modules. This was done to ensure consistency in the training material was maintained.

For this important assignment, Assetivity provided personnel knowledgeable in Ellipse and the specific applications involved with upgrade. Assetivity were able to provide assistance and support during the training development process by:

  • Determining the overall goal of training.
  • Assisting in identifying HP personnel requiring training.
  • Determining the competencies required by those being trained.
  • Identifying the gaps between current and required levels of competence.
  • Organising the selected skills and knowledge into suitable teaching units.
  • Developing the training design.
  • Field-testing of developed training materials.
  • Revision and finalisation of training material based on the field tests.

Assetivity effectively worked with both Mincom and Horizon Power personnel in developing and delivering a training package for the new Mincom Work Planner application and the Capital Work Management functionality of Ellipse.  Documentation was developed in a time constrained, fast tracked environment.

Assetivity personnel participated in user acceptance testing prior to Horizon Power staff training and “Go Live”. During training Assetivity constantly assessed Horizon Power staff training requirements and provided feedback of these requirements to the implementation team. This highlighted further training needs and allowed programming of future training sessions for Horizon Power personnel.

Onsite coaching, mentoring, and support was provided during the “Go Live” phase of the Capital Work Management Upgrade Project. This assisted Horizon Power with retirement of its Distribution Quotation Management system previously used to manage all capital project work.


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