New Case Study - Asset and Maintenance Management Improvement Program

We were engaged by the client, a large mining and processing company with several mines throughout regional Australia, in order to review their current Asset and Maintenance Management processes and deliver a number of outcomes:

  • An assessment of their current Asset Management practices for alignment against the requirements of ISO 55001 (noting that they were not seeking certification);
  • A detailed assessment of their Maintenance Management practices that supported the overall Asset Management approach;
  • Development and provision of Asset Management awareness training to support improvement efforts;
  • Review and suggested improvements to a new Work Management process that the client had developed but not yet rolled out to the operational sites;
  • Development and provision of tailored Work Management training for specific employment groups;
  • Development of a set of defined Asset and Maintenance Management standards and procedures that were identified as needed to support the client’s Asset and Maintenance Management activities; and
  • A Preventive Maintenance Optimisation (PMO) of the maintenance strategies for four major asset systems.

To read more about our approach to these deliverables, and the outcomes we brought to the client, read through the full case study.

Read the full case study


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