Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Many maintenance managers, and many organisations, “solve” equipment reliability or other important operational or maintenance problems, only to find that the problem resurfaces again in a few months, weeks, or even days. This Root Cause Analysis training course provides instruction and experience in applying some simple decision-making techniques that help to make sure that once a problem is fixed, it stays fixed. High Reliability organisations today recognise that Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an important part of an integrated Reliability Improvement program. By applying structured, analytical reasoning to equipment reliability and other operational and maintenance problems, the underlying causes of those problems can be identified, and addressed – creating permanent, sustainable improvement. Effective problem-solving is more than “common sense”, and a little training, and subsequent practice, can make an enormous difference to organisational effectiveness. Assetivity’s Root Cause Analysis problem solving process:

  • Focuses on Solutions. We place strong emphasis on the identification, and then implementation, of solutions that are aimed at the cost-effective elimination of causes of failure.
  • Focuses on business benefits. We encourage definition of problems in business terms, resulting in the development of solutions that focus on the provision of business benefits.
  • Addresses failures at Physical, Human and Organisational levels. Successful Root Cause analysis recognises that causes (and solutions) can exist at multiple levels in the causal chain.
  • Avoids the “blame game”. We encourage an open environment that attempts to identify the true root cause of human errors (lack of training, inadequately designed human-machine interfaces, external pressures etc.), rather than focusing on the “blame game”
  • Is suitable for one-off significant events, as well as repetitive, chronic failures. Our Root Cause Analysis approach includes training material and a structured approach covering both types of events.
  • Is simple and easy to use. The benefits of Root Cause Analysis will be most pronounced when it is adopted by all within your organisation, from Senior Management to the Shop Floor. Our approach is simple and easy to use at all levels within the organisation. There is no need for software or other complicated tools in order to effectively use the approach.
  • Can be used by individuals or in teams. Most analyses can be quickly resolved without the need for extensive, time-consuming team meetings, but more complex problems are best solved in teams – our process can accommodate either approach.
  • Allows for creativity in solutions. Our approach encourages the development of creative solutions, and does not constrict solution development by using categorical or linear thinking methods.
  • Insists on a strong basis in fact. Our process places a strong emphasis on the requirement for all of the identified “causes” of failure to be verified as being factual, before the development of solutions.

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