January 24, 2019, 6:36 am

New Article Out Now | What Happens When You Cut the Maintenance Budget?

Times are tough.  Your company isn’t making as much profit as it used to. Perhaps it isn’t making a profit at all.  You need to cut costs, but where? 

What about maintenance? 

Maintenance costs a lot of money, and in a slowing market, maybe you don’t need the equipment to be as reliable as we used to.  Maybe you can defer maintenance till another time, when your finances look better.  And in a budget that big, there is bound to be some fat that can be cut.

That may be true, but before you rush in and cut the maintenance budget, read our latest article 'What Happens When You Cut the Maintenance Budget?' where we discuss a few questions you should ask your Maintenance Manager (and the risks if you don’t).

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