New Case Study - The Need for Certification: ISO 55001 vs ISO 9001

Local renewable energy supplier Pioneer Energy was on a journey to achieve certification to the ISO 55001:2014 asset management standard (which it achieved in 2019). When presented with the unique situation where several of their unattended boilers were required to meet ISO 9001 standards, we were engaged to answer the question:

“When Pioneer Energy is certified to ISO 55001, do they still require ISO 9001 certification for the operation and maintenance of each of their limited-attendance/ unattended boilers?” 

To read more about how we answered this question, and allowed Pioneer to save in recertification and surveillance audit costs, read the full case study below.

Read the full case study


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New Case Study - Asset and Maintenance Management Improvement Program

We were engaged by the client, a large mining and processing company with several mines throughout regional Australia, in order to review their current Asset and Maintenance Management processes and deliver a number of outcomes:

  • An assessment of their current Asset Management practices for alignment against the requirements of ISO 55001 (noting that they were not seeking certification);
  • A detailed assessment of their Maintenance Management practices that supported the overall Asset Management approach;
  • Development and provision of Asset Management awareness training to support improvement efforts;
  • Review and suggested improvements to a new Work Management process that the client had developed but not yet rolled out to the operational sites;
  • Development and provision of tailored Work Management training for specific employment groups;
  • Development of a set of defined Asset and Maintenance Management standards and procedures that were identified as needed to support the client’s Asset and Maintenance Management activities; and
  • A Preventive Maintenance Optimisation (PMO) of the maintenance strategies for four major asset systems.

To read more about our approach to these deliverables, and the outcomes we brought to the client, read through the full case study.

Read the full case study


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NEW Case Study - Asset Management Improvement for a Regional Airport Operator

This regional airport provides a significant avenue of entry for both domestic and international visitors supporting the local tourist industry. Consequently, it was important that the airport’s assets reflected an appropriate quality image for the region and the country with passenger traffic expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

The Airport Operator was on a journey to ensure that their assets were being managed appropriately to support achievement of their business objectives . To understand and then improve upon the maturity of their current Asset Management practices, the Airport Operator first sought to benchmark their Asset Management maturity against the AS ISO 55001 Asset Management standard. Although not seeking to be fully compliant or certified to the standard, the Airport Operator wanted to understand the gaps in compliance between their current practices and the requirement of AS ISO 55001 in order to determine their desired level of alignment and subsequently make decisions regarding the improvements that would deliver the most value to the business. Supporting this understanding of opportunities for improvement, the Airport Operator also required a more specific and detailed review of their organisational structure related to Asset Management and the effectiveness of the CMMS they were using to support maintenance activities

Read the full Case Study here.

 Regional Airport Operator

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NEW ARTICLE: Are your KPIs supporting your processes or are they only measuring the outcomes?

Traditionally KPIs focus on the outcomes of our various processes, if however we hope to manage those processes for more predictive outcomes, we need to develop a KPI framework that supports our processes. In this article, we discuss: Are your KPIs supporting your processes or are they only measuring the outcomes?

Read the article here.


Asset Management and Maintenance Insights 2021 Survey

It’s that time of year where we engage with the Asset Management and Maintenance community to share insights regarding the issues and challenges that Asset Managers & Maintenance Managers are facing today.

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