Maintenance Assessments, Benchmarking and Audits

We have conducted Maintenance Reviews and Audits for over 25 leading Australian and International organisations, including organisations in Mining, Mineral Processing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Manufacturing. Key features of our approach include:

  • A comprehensive and holistic look at Maintenance and Asset Management in your organisation
  • Focus on how well Maintenance is supporting the remainder of the organisation in achieving the desired business outcomes (and vice versa!)
  • A  qualitative and quantitative assessment of Maintenance performance compared with ‘Best Practice’
  • Assesses maintenance at all levels within the organisation – from Management down to Shop Floor employees
  • A high level of involvement of your personnel helps to build momentum for change

Our framework is based on assessing over 200 individual elements along the key dimensions of Strategy, People and Skills, Organisation Structure, Management Processes, and Technology The key outcomes include:

  • An independent assessment of maintenance performance compared with “Best Practice” and numerous other organisations that have undertaken this assessment
  • An independent comparison of Maintenance performance in different areas within your business
  • Identification of the Priority Areas for future maintenance improvement
  • An agreed action plan, with timings, costs and resource requirements
  • Quantified short-term and long-term benefits
  • Financial justification for your planned Maintenance Improvement effort

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