November 19, 2019, 10:56 am

ISO 55000 – The International Standard for Asset Management

Are you familiar with the ISO 55000 international standard?

ISO 55000, was released in Jan 2014 by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) as the new international standard for Asset Management.  

ISO 55000 will supersede PAS 55, which currently acts as the defacto international standard for Asset Management.

You can read more in our article on "What is ISO 55000?".

There undoubtedly has been a lot of questions asked, and we have attempted to answer these in our article "ISO 55000 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)".

For those working in regulated industries, there is a possibility that economic and/or technical regulators may require certification against ISO 55000 in order to provide independent evidence that their assets are being managed well. For those working outside regulated industries, there is a similar possibility that insurers may also require or request certification against ISO 55000.  In any case, whether undertaking formal certification or not, aligning your organisation's Asset Management system with the requirements of ISO 55000 provides boards and shareholders with a high level of assurance that risks and costs associated with the management of assets are fully and properly considered and optimised. In other words, it just makes good business sense.

In any case, we see the journey towards alignment of an organisation's Asset Management systems with ISO 55000 as consisting of the following steps:

  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 1 – Perform a readiness assessment
  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 2 – Build Internal Competence
  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 3 – Bridge the Gaps
  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 4 – Perform a Gap Assessment
  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 5 – Fine tune your Asset Management system
  • Alignment with ISO 55000 Step 6 – Certify against ISO 55000 (optional)


Currently Assetivity can assist you to perform an ISO 55000 readiness assessment. 

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