Asset Integrity Management

There are many improvement methodologies and techniques available to improve plant reliability and availability, including such techniques as Reliability Centred Maintenance, PM Optimisation, Weibull analysis and others. However all of these techniques have significant limitations when it comes to dealing with high consequence, low probability events, events that have potentially catastrophic impacts on plant integrity.

The primary objective of an Asset Integrity Assurance process could be stated as:

To ensure the ongoing commercial viability of operations by ensuring that the risks associated with equipment failure are within tolerable levels.

These risks could be related to:

  • Production equipment failure leads to the asset not being capable of producing saleable product
  • Environment equipment failure leads to a breach of an environmental standard, regulation or license condition
  • Safety equipment failure leads to injury or death of employees or other people

Our approach to Asset Integrity Management implements controls at four levels:

  • Level 1- Routine Operator Inspections (up to several times per day)
  • Level 2- Routine Maintenance Inspections (typically daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • Level 3- Internal Audits/Inspections (conducted by professional engineering staff, nominally annually)
  • Level 4- External Audits/Inspections (conducted by external specialists, and usually limited to specific equipment items or systems)

It also addresses the major sources of asset integrity risk, namely:

  • Equipment Design - is equipment designed to current standards?
  • Equipment Operation - Is equipment operated within its design limitations?
  • Equipment Maintenance - Does an adequate Preventive and Predictive maintenance program exist, and is it being delivered on time, and in full?
  • Equipment Condition - Is the equipment currently in serviceable condition? Are actions resulting from the Level 1-4 inspections being addressed in a timely manner?

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CASE STUDY: Read how Assetivity helped Energy Resources Australia with a Asset Integrity Assessment here.

ERA Asset Integrity Assessment

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