August 10, 2020, 9:15 pm


New Article | Reliability is Everybody’s Responsibility

Significant equipment failures can be disastrous, causing death, destruction and organisational bankruptcy.
Inevitably, these disasters will end up being reported on the front page of the newspaper. But as well as these major failures, organisations experience a plague of failures of lesser consequence which, nevertheless, bleed money from profits, cause injuries to workers and members of the public, and result in damage to the planet on which we live.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of Reliability Improvement in avoiding these failures, and the significant benefits that a focus on improving reliability can bring both to organisations and the community at large. We will explore some of the sources of these failures with a view to examining these in more depth in future articles, and discussing approaches and tools that can be used to progressively eliminate or mitigate these failures.


Download Free eBook | Implementing ISO 55000 - Your Complete Guide

In this free eBook download we will provide an overview of the ISO 55000 series of standards, the value of implementing an Asset Management System, and practical guidance on how to complete the ISO 55000 implementation journey.


New Case Study Out Now | Western Power Conductor Strategy Review

Western Power is responsible for building, maintaining and  operating the electricity network comprising the South West  Interconnected System in Western Australia, covering an area  of 261,000 square kilometres.

Assetivity assisted Western Power to improve their understanding of the factors that affect the condition of their distribution conductors.


New Article | 5 Tips for successful Root Cause Analysis

Most organisations have some sort of investigation process, ranging from a basic incident report form through to a mature Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process. Organisations have recognised the importance of learning from past failures and events.


New Article | Making Preventive Maintenance A Living Program

Often, we see organisations embark on large-scale Preventive Maintenance program improvement projects (and sometimes even finish them!) using Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) or PM Optimisation (PMO) processes, and then ignore their ongoing refinement for several years (or more). They then embark on another large-scale RCM or PMO project to rectify the many unresolved problems that have been allowed to develop in their Preventive Maintenance routines.

Read the full article "Making Preventive Maintenance A Living Program" here


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