April 1, 2020, 12:00 pm

Case Study - Asset Management Training

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading producer of renewable energy, with over 100 years of experience producing hydroelectric power.  Owned by the Tasmanian Government, Hydro Tasmania has assets worth around $5 billion and employs over 1100 people.

Following on from an ISO 55001 Gap Assessment performed by Assetivity, Hydro Tasmania wished to increase the awareness and knowledge of ISO 55000 and Asset Management among key internal stakeholders. Assetivity delivered its Implementing ISO 55000 training course and the results were immediate. Read the full case study now.

If you are wish to increase awareness and knowledge of ISO 55001 within your organisation call us now and talk to one of our expert consultants. 

ISO 55001 Asset Management Training Case Study

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