February 29, 2020, 7:21 am

Video Presentation: Visualising the International Asset Management Standard ISO 55001

From January 2015 the International Asset Management standard ISO 55000 will replace the PAS 55 (The British Standards Institute specification for Asset Management). 

The International Asset Management standard ISO 55001 contains a lot of words, and no pictures or graphics. This short 18 minute video explains the key elements of ISO 55001 in a more visual manner, and outlines how they fit together.  It also contains a high level overview of the types of evidence that may be required in order to demonstrate compliance or alignment with each of these elements.

- ISO 55000 - Overview, Principals & Terminology

- ISO 55001 - Management Systems - Requirements

- ISO 55002 - Management Systems - Guidelines for the Application of ISO 55001


ISO 55000 Training Course


If you want to learn more about ISO 55000, then why not consider attending our two day course "Implementing an ISO 55000 - Compliant Asset Management System"


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