Operations and Maintenance Strategic Plan

At the time that this assignment was conducted, this gold mine was the fourth largest gold mine in Australia, and one of the lowest cost producers. However, forecasts showed that production volumes would drop, and costs would rise as reserves diminished. This called into doubt the long-term viability of the mine. There was an urgent need to identify strategic opportunities to simultaneously increase output and reduce costs.

Our consultant facilitated a Strategic Planning workshop and documented a strategic operations and maintenance plan for the senior management of the mine. The plan departed from standard practice for Strategic Planning documents, in that it was a very slim, action-oriented volume, focusing on specific initiatives that were required in order to achieve the overall organisational goals. These goals included achieving a 15% increase in production output and a 15% reduction in operating costs for the next two years in comparison to the existing life-of-mine plan. Initiatives to achieve these goals were identified and prioritised, and these goals were achieved within 12 months of the plan having been developed.