November 19, 2019, 3:27 am

Maintenance Improvement Program (Mining)

As part of a major cost reduction initiative, this large Iron Ore mine was seeking to reduce maintenance manning levels in their fixed plant operations by around 30%.

Our consultant reviewed maintenance management practices within the fixed plant operations at the mine. The review focused on work order processing, shutdown planning and control, maintenance costs and budgets, and the use of the mainframe-based maintenance management software. Comparisons in performance were made between different departments at the mine, and performance was also compared with "best" maintenance practice. Significant areas for improvement were highlighted and a detailed implementation plan developed. 

This project then progressed to a large scale Maintenance Improvement Program, where our consultant assisted with the implementation of a new Maintenance Management Information System. In order to achieve real benefits from the new system, significant changes were made in the areas of Work Order Processing, Work Authorisation and Priority Setting, Maintenance History Recording and Analysis, Costing and Budgeting, Shutdown Planning and Control and Long Term Maintenance Planning. Revised policies and procedures were developed in each of these areas and were trialed then implemented throughout the fixed plant area of the mine site, with the major emphasis being on using the maintenance management software to best advantage in order to achieve departmental objectives.

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