Asset Integrity Management Planning

Following a number of high profile failures, this mine and processing site had begun to focus greater attention on Asset Integrity Management.

Assetivity was engaged to assist with the development of a high level Asset Integrity Audit Management Plan. This document was to be used as a reference for any audit that was to be conducted on site, and the document was to detail areas such as defining scope, types of audit, approach, deliverables, action plans etc. This was to be a working document that could be used by all site personnel..

We developed, in conjunction with the client, Asset Integrity Management Policies and Procedures, and documented these in the clients? required format. We also trialled implementation of the Policies and Procedures on two key operating plants at the client site, following which, comprehensive reports were prepared outlining the key Asset Integrity risks for these plants. The Policies and Procedures were also subsequently reviewed and revised in the light of this experience.