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Benjamin Agurto


As a Consultant, Benjamin is responsible for delivering our client’s consulting services in asset management, maintenance and reliability engineering.


17 years of professional experience

1 years of consulting experience

1 years at Assetivity

Areas of specialist expertise

  • Assess your maintenance maturity
  • Improve your maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Optimise your spare parts holdings
  • Establish operational and maintenance readiness
  • Optimise your preventive maintenance program (RCM and PMO)
  • Assure your maintenance quality

Industry specialisations

  • Ceramic
  • Packaging
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Water utilities

Key successes

  • Led TPM implementation, increasing corrugated cardboard process productivity by 24%.
  • Led and implemented continuous improvement methodologies to identify and rectify waste sources, decreasing scrap by 25%, resulting in a $1,000,000/yr reduction in costs.
  • Led and implemented maintenance programs to optimise operational efficiency and reduce downtime, increasing plant availability from 77% to 92%.
  • Developed, implemented, and execution of maintenance programs, decreasing reactive maintenance activities by 35%.

Professional experience

  • Assetivity (2022-current)


  • Proservar Ltd (2021–2022)

    Operations Manager

  • Helios S.A (2021-2021)

    Operations Manager

  • Barron Vieyra International SpA (2019-2020)

    Production Manager

  • Cartocor S.A. (2015 – 2018)

    Production Manager

  • Corrupac S.A (2010 – 2014)

    Operations Manager

  • Fanaloza S.A. (2006–2010)

    Maintenance and Engineering Manager

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