New article: How to ensure a long-term strategic focus: Moving from a repair-focused to a reliability-focused culture

The first point to make about Organisational Culture is that changing it is not a short-term activity. Significant, sustainable change in organisational culture takes at least 5 years and potentially up to 10 years in some organisations. Given the propensity of some organisations today to rotate managers through operational positions with a two-to-three-year spell in any one position, it is unlikely that any one manager will succeed in significantly and sustainably changing the culture within their area of responsibility – but many try.

What is required is a constancy of purpose that transcends short-term fluctuations in organisational circumstances, and changes in personnel. This, therefore, requires the achievement of a reliability-focused culture to be a core element of the organisation’s strategic vision and plan. And this, in turn, requires the senior leadership team (potentially including the board of directors) to be convinced of the merits of this initiative – not just one individual. We will discuss how to go about achieving this later in this series.


This is the first in a series of 6 articles on moving from a repair-focused to a reliability-focused culture. The full series includes:

  • Part 1. How to ensure a long-term strategic focus (this article)
  • Part 2. How to build a business case for reliability improvement
  • Part 3. How to align reward systems with strategic goals
  • Part 4. How to improve cross functional collaboration
  • Part 5. How to create opportunities for teamwork and organisational learning
  • Part 6. 7 tips to become a strong, committed leader


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