Asset Management Planning

This hydro-metallurigcal plant represented a significant investment by shareholders, and was at the cutting edge of technology. Unfortunately, the plant was not performing to design capacity, despite the best efforts of site personnel, and the plant was operating at a loss.

Assetivity was engaged to coordinate the development of Asset Management Plans for this facility, initially focused on the most critical equipment items that represented the greatest risk of interruption to plant throughput.

We worked consultatively with site personnel to develop these plans which embraced:

- Engineering and Project activities to improve equipment performance and reliability
- Operating strategies and plans for the critical equipment items
- Development of optimal Predictive and Preventive Maintenance plans
- Identification of Critical Spare Parts and Optimisation of spare parts holding levels
- Development of performance measures to assess equipment performance
- Development of a continuous improvement model to allow for continual review and update of the Asset Management Plans in the light of operational experience
- Coordination of all of the above activities in a large organisation, bringing focus and teamwork to the improvement efforts