May 30, 2020, 1:31 pm

Maintenance Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the process of comparing performance with other organisations, identifying comparatively high performance organisations, and learning what it is they do that allows them to achieve that high level of performance.  To be effective, benchmarking requires that:

  • Performance is measured - this implies the existence of quantitative, identically defined performance measures
  • High performance organisations must be identified - this requires some knowledge of those organisations
  • It is not sufficient to merely compare performance - to be truly effective, benchmarking involves gaining an understanding into why those organisations do well, and, as a result, what you need to do to achieve similar performance


Assetivity can assist organisations to benchmark their maintenance performance against other organisations by:

  • Bringing to every assignment our database of maintenance performance obtained from our extensive range of clients
  • Bringing our understanding of how these measures were obtained, and how the definitions of these measures may differ from the definitions in place at your organisation
  • Identifying high performance organisations, based on our extensive industry experience
  • Bringing our knowledge of current good, and best, maintenance practices, and our capability to effectively assess the practices in place at your organisation, in comparison with those in place at other organisations.

Contact us today to ask us how we can help you to benchmark your maintenance performance against other organisations.

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