Best of 2016 | Top 5 Assetivity Articles

Written by Kendra Baxter.   

As 2016 draws to an end, and 2017 approaches, let's look back at the top 5 rated articles from Assetivity in 2016.

This year we have released some top-tier articles. If you haven't read them already, please do so, maybe share them with your network, but most of all enjoy them.
Below are our top 5 ranked articles of 2016, filled with tools and knowledge to help you with any Asset Management and Maintenance issues that may arise.


  1. What Does a Good Strategic Asset Management Plan Look Like?

  2. Equipment Criticality Analysis – is it a Waste of Time?

  3. 5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 1

  4. 5 Keys to Lean Maintenance and Improving Maintenance Productivity - Part 4

  5. Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Maintenance


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Challenges of Configuration Management in the Age of Automation

Written by Jakob Verhoef.   

Challenges of Configuration Management and AutomationAutomation is being adopted by many organisations that may be new to the concept of Configuration Management. How do they address this challenge?

With the introduction of automation not only in our daily lives but also in asset-intensive industries, the processes to maintain and manage the configuration of these assets has become more complex. This article 'Challenges of Configuration Management in the Age of Automation' aims to look at some of the challenges that can be experienced in managing the configuration of automated assets and how these challenges can be addressed.


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